Pâtisserie, craft & creativity

From a young age I have been fascinated by the wonderful trade of pastry. Artisanal handcraft and the creativity appeal to me in particular. To master pastry even better and to increase the opportunities within the pastry trade I have trained with numerous master pastry chefs in different parts of the world. I have specialized in both chocolate and sugar, for instance pulling and shaping sugar pieces. With the help of passionate pastry colleagues, I have been able to develop my craftsmanship at a very young age. 

My hobby is now my work and I enjoy it thoroughly. A few of my personal highlights are 1st place at the Gouden Gard 2008 and winning the Dutch Pastry Award in 2013 with the title ‘Best Pastry Chef of the Netherlands’. I am also working as a product developer at one of the Netherlands’ most famous pastry shops, am a member of the Dutch Pastry Team and I am working as an on-call pastry chef for the Royal Family. 

Do you love pastry or are you a pastry chef? I hope you enjoy this beautiful trade as much as I do! Also have a look at a selection of creations from my hand.

Peter Remmelzwaal